April 17, 2014

Justin Currie US Tour postponed

Due to unanticipated immigration/visa issues, Justin Currie's US dates this month have been postponed until September. Apologies to anyone who was planning to see Justin (with The Compulsion opening) in Chicago and Evanston on April 24th and 25th. Full details and Justin's note are on his Facebook page

You can still catch The Mike Benign Compulsion at Elbo Room in Lincoln Park on Friday, May 9th at 8:30. So please do that. 

Rock on, Land O' Lincoln!

April 11, 2014

The new, unspeakably awesome video for "Professional Jealousy/Saw Your Post"

Introducing the second video from The Mike Benign Compulsion's "Here's How It Works" album. Trust us: you'll want to share this one with your friends, and also with some people you don't like very much at all.

After enduring another soul crushing day at a non-descript office building in the dead of winter, our hero exorcises his personal demons in the privacy of his own home, busting out a dizzying array of dance moves to the Who-inspired hooks of "Professional Jealousy/Saw Your Post."

His struggle is our struggle. His dance moves, our dance moves. His khaki pants and running shoes? Entirely of his own making.

March 26, 2014

Hello Chicagoland! Two acoustic shows with Del Amitri's Justin Currie + full-on electric at Elbo Room

Mr. Currie in happier times.
The Mike Benign Compulsion and its various associated corporate entities, domestic and overseas, are delighted to bring the "Here's How It Works" junket to the greater Chicago area in April and May.

First up, two acoustic shows opening for the inimitable* Justin Currie, purveyor of three sublime solo albums and a slew of top-notch records with Del Amitri. If you haven't heard Mr. Currie's latest, "Lower Reaches," then you deserve whatever you get.

75% of The Mike Benign Compulsion will join Mr. Currie at Schuba's in Chicago on Thursday, April 24th (tickets still available) and at Space in Evanston on Friday, April 25th (sold out). These are two rare opportunities to hear the Compulsion's songs performed quietly, laced with panting and wincing, in a throwback of sorts to the whole "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" era of acoustic guitar-fueled, pent up sexual longing. Show up at either performances, and you'll hear loads of songs from the new album. (Look left and up on this page for online venues at which you can trade money for said album.)

Then, to give the brand new and critically-not-panned "Here's How It Works" LP a full-volume Chicagoland rogering, The Compulsion rocks Elbo Room in sweaty, electric majesty as part of a three-band bill on Friday, May 9th.

Fear not, ye patrons of the over 40 variety: TMBC takes the Elbo Room stage at 8:30 pm. This affords plenty of time for post-Compulsion activities ranging from further rocking and alcohol consumption, to smoking cigarettes aplenty outside the club, to settling up with babysitters post-show to delicious and glorious sleep.


*That means, essentially, awesome beyond all reasonable calculation.**

**Actually, that's not exactly the meaning. But on the scale of Reasonably Awesome to Totally F*cking*** Awesome, Mr. Currie is way toward the latter end of the scale.

***Yeah, as if not typing the "u" in there suddenly makes the use of this word a-ok with the more Puritanical types among us.****

****They're everywhere. Still. And it's 2014. What the heck?

March 19, 2014

Power Popaholic rates "Here's How It Works" 9 out of 10.

A detailed and all-around great review of the new album from Power Popaholic, including the following:

"No filler...as each track gives you something compelling. After a few listens, I found no reason to keep it off my list of top ten albums for 2014. Don’t miss it."

Read the full review here.

March 7, 2014

Absolute Powerpop: "Their best album to date."

Absolute Powerpop goes all thumbs up-like about "Here's How It Works:"

Our favorite Milwaukee power-poppers are back with their third - and best - album to date. Benign & Co. perfect their Squeeze/Elvis Costello-styled pop...

Go here for the full review.

March 5, 2014

Shepherd Express: "A magnificent tribute to the smart pop of Benign's era"

The Shepherd Express' review of "Here's How It Works" is in. Among other things, editor Dave Luhrssen says this about the album:

"Here’s How it Works is a magnificent tribute to the smart pop of Benign’s era—The Beatles as distilled through Squeeze and Crowded House with a twist of Elvis Costello for tartness. Loss and resignation suffuse the lyrics: imagine looking into the once inexhaustible storehouse of time and finding it more than half empty."

See the full review here.