November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Saturday with Miles Nielsen and The Compulsion

Thanksgiving weekend is one of those hit or miss times of year to play a gig. Some folks have had their fill with the overeating and shopping nonsense and are ready to get out of the house and rock. Others are out of town, in the process of traveling back from relatives or too exhausted from overeating and shopping nonsense to go out.

We opted to roll the dice. Hence this Saturday's program at The Down & Over Pub in Bay View (for non-locals, that's on the southeast side of Milwaukee). Cover is $7.

TMBC is pleased to be joined again by the terrific Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts. They're the headliners, taking the stage around 11:15 pm. Need more info? The band's website has loads of songs and video on it. Though we'd suggest their recent Popdose Red Pill Session and a "making of" video for the gorgeous "Sink or Swim." (Scroll all the way down for the video.) We've seen Miles and crew a bunch and they always deliver a great show. Damn good guys, too.

The Mike Benign Compulsion goes on around 10. It's the band's final show before the world ends next month. And then after the world ends, the band probably won't be playing again for a few more months while we plug away at Album #3. 

The Dick Satan Trio opens the show at 9 sharp with high-quality instrumental surf rock with go go dancers type stuff. 

Join us, won't you?

--Mike B.