July 7, 2013

Album #3 Update

Hello again!

Work continues on The Compulsion's third album. Looks like 15 or 16 songs are in play, with tracking on a few nearing completion. It's likely that 12 or 13 of those will make it to the final product, which we're targeting to release in early 2014.

Songs slated for the album at this point include "Boyhood Idol," "Mrs. Kean," "You Say It's Over," "My and My Fluoxetine," "Martha, We," "Rubbing Off," "Imperial Bedroom," "Professional Jealousy / Saw Your Post" and others.

The meatiest of the meaty work is being cut and cured (but not butchered) at The Midwest Sound in Rockford, IL, with Dan McMahon at the helm. The studio's great-sounding main room and exceptionally good vibe—combined with Dan's easygoing and patient demeanor—have led to a bunch of very productive sessions. The above clip is Joe Vent working with Dan on "Boyhood Idol" in the Midwest Sound's control room.

In between trips to Rockford, we're tracking background vocals, percussion and other sweetening elements at Colonel Kurtz's Lair of Sound: Joe's home studio. We're especially pleased that some of our favorite Milwaukee-area musicians have agreed to help out with vocals and such in the coming weeks.

To get a preview of many of the songs that will be included on album 3, catch an upcoming live show. Next up: Shank Hall on Friday, August 23rd, opening for Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts.

--Mike B.