December 22, 2013

Holiday enjoyment begins with a free download of Bombs Away, Broomhilda

Photo by Ken Hanson
To make your holidays rock (or pop or whatever) a little harder, we're pleased to offer this free download of "Bombs Away, Broomhilda" for your listening and dancing pleasure. "Broomhilda" has been a staple of the band's live shows since our inception in early 2010.

This recording was captured during the sessions for 2012's "Martha" CD.  The track features production by Joe Vent, who felt inspired to get all electronic and shee-it on its ass. The latter outcome was no doubt aided by Mr. Vent's consumption of several Old Thompson Big Gulps while birthing the track at Colonel Kurtz's Lair of Sound.

Please accept this free download as The Compulsion's holiday gift to you and your families.

See you in 2014 with a brand new album!

--Mike B.