May 22, 2014

Rock + Outside = ROCK OUTSIDE!

Most people like to rock. And almost everyone likes being outside. So when you combine the two, well, that's pretty much just the best thing ever.

This was the thinking behind The Mike Benign Compulsion's upcoming set of Milwaukee-area outdoor festival shows. Here are said shows, in the order in which they'll take place:

  • Chill on The Hill, Humboldt Park in Bay View, Tuesday, June 17th - With special friends, Killer Joe opening. Killer Joe hits the stage at 6:30; TMBC is on at about 7:30. Chill details are here
  • Summerfest, Friday, June 27th, 6:30 - 7:30 pm - The men of TMBC rock the Uline Warehouse, formerly the Rock Stage. That's appropriate given the earlier thing about rock and outside. (Also, the stage is outside, which gets us back to the "pretty much just the best thing ever" concept. There's a website, too.) 
  • Bastille Days, Friday, July 11th, 5:45 - 8:30pm - The Compulsion is delighted to bring its brand of whatever it is they do to this most excellent and French of festivals. TMBC plays one song—that's all—on the Gruber Law Offices Stage. (Actually, the band will play 40+ songs with lots of surprises and maybe even some special guests. Also, it's Joanne's birthday. And Ralph's, too. More details on that later.) More info at the Bastille Days website
Make your plans now to join The Mike Benign Compulsion this summer and ROCK OUTSIDE, okay?