March 27, 2015

Where we've been, what we've been up to

Yes, 2014 was a bang-up year for the Compulsion, what with the release of our third record, a bunch of great outdoor shows, three new videos and some more of the always-gratifying "Best Albums Of The Year" recognitions. (See this one or this one.)

And yeah, the band has been eerily quiet the last few months. We took a break from playing live to give Brian some space to focus on the next Wooldridge Brothers album. BTW, the tracks we've heard thus far sound great.

I should also note that the Compulsion has been working on a bunch of new material, and chipping away at a new recording that should be out at some point in 2016.

At rehearsal the other night, it dawned on us that making rock in front of people remains a good idea. So watch for a live show or two as summer hits Milwaukee (assuming, of course, that it actually does).

Until then, enjoy this video of that time a few years back when we were joined onstage by R.E.M.'s Mike Mills. That was awesome.

--Mike B.