May 16, 2017

It's alive!

Today marks the official release of the band's new album, "Kid." Get yours at iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp. Hard copies of the CD are available via CD Baby.

Direct links to The Compulsion's "Kid" pages on the above sites are in the left column of this page, just under the thumbnail photo of our album cover.

Thanks to everyone who helped get us to the finish line, including:

Mike Benign, pictured at age 35.
  • Shane Hochstetler
  • Danny Shaffer
  • Damian Strigens
  • Betty Blexrud-Strigens
  • Ed Spangenberg
  • Tyler Traband
  • Brian Wooldridge
  • Mark Hines
  • Hatice Besun
  • Michael Fossenkemper
  • Steve Thornton

And, of course, to the boys in the band: the best compadres (musical or otherwise) a guy could imagine. Cheers to Joe Vent, Michael Koch and Paul Biemann!

--Mike B.