August 28, 2012

We Feel Better than David Hasselhoff

The band's "Martha" LP was recently reviewed in German blog Triggerfish. And it seems Deutschland loves TMBC!  Maybe that's an overstatement. Suffice it to say that the reviewer likes the album--so much so, that he awarded it the coveted "six out of six beer bottles" rating.

As it happens, TMBC drummer Michael Koch is fluent in the native tongue of the Germanic peoples, and shared this translated snippet from the review:

"With 'Martha,' Mike Benign and his band-mates have presented us with a wonderful rock album with British pop influences....On the whole, a very lovely album that you can listen to at any time of the day or night."

Feel free to read the original review using Google's Translate tool to determine whether Michael's version is true to the original—or stinks of insider bias. Though we know MK to be an uber honest guy who speaks, writes and reads German at a PhD level. Literally.