September 7, 2012

What We're Listening To

September 7, 2012

Mike K
--Miles Nielsen's two albums
--12 Rods (Minneapolis band from 1995-2004)
--Crowded House "Intriguer"

--Hugh Bob & The Hustle - "Blame Me" (single mp3)
--Vic and Gab - "Bridges and Guns"
--Brendan Benson - "What Kind of World"
--World Party - Mix (cause he just played Chicago and I missed the show) - Tag's Trance Mix
--88nine Radio Milwaukee

Mike B.
--Redd Kross - "Researching The Blues"
--The Exotics - "The Enchanted Interrogation Room"
--Bob Mould - "Silver Age"
--Field Report - "Field Report"
--The Avett Brothers - "The Carpenter"

--Johnny Z's Chicken Shack Morning Show on WMSE