September 29, 2012

New Old Song Free Download: "Parade"

Back in 2009, the band was finalizing tracks for our debut CD, "Rollicking Musical." The song "Parade" didn't make the cut for some reason...can't remember why.

Maybe it was our Breakfast Club-era production. Or the Oasis-esque guitar solo. Or maybe it was just too damn long. Or melodramatic. Or we left the SUCK button on. Or perhaps the idea of one spouse or partner telling the other it's time to stage a parade by which the other's nonsense can march and wave in front of the empty spots along the road where people would sitting be if they cared enough to show up to watch. Hard to say for sure, and three years seems like ages ago.

Anyway, here's "Parade" as a free download. Just enter 0 when asked to name your price. You'll be required to submit an email address to get the freebie. We promise we won't abuse it or give it out to anyone else.

Enjoy...or not, depending on why we left it off the album.

--Mike B.