September 1, 2017

We opened for The Alarm and awesomeness ensued

Mike Peters, band and crew put on a great show at Shank Hall earlier this week. They also happen to be lovely people who are a delight to work with. Thanks again to Smiley for letting Mike K. use his kit. All in all, it was a true joy to serve as The Alarm's opening act.

(Fun fact: some bands avoid using the term "opening act" when referring to one of their gigs. Apparently it's demeaning. Or, calling themselves an opening act may somehow derail their destined path to international superstardom.)

So yeah, we were the opening act for The Alarm. And awesomeness ensued. For those who were there, thanks for listening and allotting some of your love to The Mike Benign Compulsion. And no doubt you enjoyed The Alarm as much as we did.

For those who weren't there, shame on you. You're horrible, horrible people. And you'll get yours soon enough.

Unless you see The Alarm next year when they're back in the U.S. And see The Mike Benign Compulsion at one of our upcoming shows, listed in the left column of this page.

--Mike B.