October 4, 2017

It's not past your bed time

The Mike Benign Compulsion and Twin Brother 

Friday, October 13th, 8 pm 
Red Dot Tosa - 68th & North Avenue

Over the years, we've heard it all. Every conceivable reason why people weren't able to attend an awesome rock show that featured The Mike Benign Compulsion. These reasons have included:

It's past my bed time.
It's too expensive.
There's no parking.
Terry Hackbarth isn't playing.  
Your singer can't sing.

Okay, that last one is pretty hard to argue with. 

But you know what? It's time to stuff the rest of your excuses in a sack, my friends. Because come Friday, October 13th, Red Dot in Wauwatosa will, Red Dot in Wauwatosa will rock you. 

Past your bed time? The show starts 8 pm-ish on a Friday night. And it will likely end at the point when some rock shows are just getting started.

Too expensive?  Nope. $5 for two stellar bands.

Terry Hackbarth isn't playing? Um, as if! He's only like, the bass player in Twin Brother. So yeah, he's playing. And singing, too.

We could go on. But then we'd be taunting you: doing what some call "selling past the close." Because this case is closed. And this bill shall rock. Or pop, or alt, or emote, or whatever it is these two bands do.

Twin Brother. Terry Hackbarth is second from the right. So there.

Speaking of the two bands on the bill, we invite you to learn more about Twin Brother. The internet is the perfect way to do that. So launch Netscape, and click here and here and also here. Twin Brother stands ready to rock your world, right after The Mike Benign Compulsion gets done also rocking your world. 

With your excuses firmly stuffed in the aforementioned sack, your Friday the 13th will look something like this:
  • 8:00 - The Mike Benign Compulsion
  • 9:15 - Twin Brother
Also, Red Dot has a nice fish fry. You have to pay them money for it, but considering they give you food in return, it seems like a pretty reasonable arrangement.