March 22, 2018

There's nothing funny about music

The Mike Benign Compulsion
The Ball Turret Gunners

Red Dot Tosa
• 68th & North Ave.
Friday, March 30th • 8 pm • $5

It goes without saying that music is serious business. 

Not funny business. 

Not monkey business. 

Not Risky Business, either. (That, of course, is the movie starring a young Tom Cruise and also Booger from Revenge of The Nerds. And also Balki from Perfect Strangers, who was also Serge in the Beverly Hills Cop series of movies. None of those people will be in attendance at the show to which this email refers, mainly because those people are funny and music is not.)
The comedic actor who played Balki and Serge will not be in attendance. It wouldn't be appropriate. 

No, music is serious business. So serious, in fact, that The Mike Benign Compulsion will be playing their musical compositions before a live audience at Red Dot in Wauwatosa, on Friday, March 30th. And by that we mean they'll be playing musical instruments and singing into microphones while people--maybe even you--are there to witness it.

But things promise to get even less funny than that. That's because The Ball Turret Gunners--also a musical outfit that plays and sings musical numbers they compose themselves--will also be performing at the aforementioned Red Dot show on Friday, March 30th. As anyone who's seen The Ball Turret Gunners can attest, they are four fully grown men who are also musically adept. (Adept means "very skilled." And they truly are.)

On the night when this show takes place, there will be parking spots readily availability in the surrounding neighborhood. The host venue will serve beverages and also food. And the evening's itinerary will look like this:
  • 8:00 - The Ball Turret Gunners
  • 9:15 - The Mike Benign Compulsion

This event is going to happen. And people will pay five dollars to be there when it does. And there's nothing even remotely funny about that.