May 31, 2018

Drummer Mike's shoulder went "boom"

The Mike Benign Compulsion 
Milwaukee Summerfest
Uline Warehouse Stage 
Saturday, June 30th     5-6 pm

For decades, drummer Michael Koch was a man with two perfectly good shoulders.

And make no mistake about it: those shoulders were like the co-captains of Mike's upper body. They marshaled his limbs to great effect, allowing Mike to perform feats that eluded the rest of us.
He did Tai Chi and played Ultimate Frisbee. 
Ach! du lieber, Drummer Mike

He drained jumpers from far beyond the top of the key. 
He lifted small children--and some rather large ones, too--over his head like they were nothing at all. 
He danced expressively at every opportunity, moving his arms this way and that, taking great care not to use said arms to inadvertently pummel those around him. 
He used his magnificent arms--each with its own, fully functional shoulder--to pull his lederhosen on one short-panted leg at a time...just like you and me.
And when pressed into service, Mike took to his drum kit with German precision and unspeakable beauty.

But then, without warning, Mike's shoulder went "boom." 

Or, as his braniac doctor put it, "there is a complete full-thickness tear of the infraspinatus tendon with prominent medial retraction."

Yeah...whatever. Nerd!
Anyway, Dr. Big Words will be performing surgery on Drummer Mike's shoulder in July. Meaning The Mike Benign Compulsion's upcoming performance at Summerfest on Saturday, June 30th, from 5-6 pm, will be Mike's last show for a few months. 
A simulation of Drummer Mike's 
wounded shoulder. 
It would mean a lot to Mike if you could be there to cheer him and his shoulder on. Especially since there's also "mild osseous degenerative hypertrophy of the acromioclavicular joint."
If that doesn't guilt you into seeing Mike and the band at Summerfest, we're not sure what else would.